den 24 mars 2019
  Student exchange

We think it is very important for our students to study or practise in another country do develop their understanding for the world around us and for other cultures. Therefore we encourage the students to do parts of their work practise abroad or to choose to study in another country. Grans has a project together with three other schools where the students can study a course at another school. Our partner schools are located in Wales, Holland and Finland. They are marked with a red star on the map below. Contact Sofia Engström if you have any questions about our student exchanges.


Students from all four schools can participate in the following courses:
(for school websites, click on the countries name)

Reptiles - spring 2016                                         Basic first aid for animals - autumn 2016

Dairy cows (local breed) - spring 2016                  Dogs - spring 2017

Sheep - spring 2016                                             Beef cattle - spring 2017.

Sledge dogs - spring 2016                                   Nordic animals - autumn 2016


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