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Grans is located in the north of Sweden in Öjebyn, a village with about 4000 inhabitants. Öjebyn is located 6 km outside the town Piteå with about 40 000 inhabitants. The school has a long history and has been an agricultural school since 1914. Grans have around 130 students and about 90 of them stay in our dormatories during the week. Today we offer the Natural Resource Use Programme for three years to students aged from 16-19 years. At the school there is a cowstable with about 45 dairy cows that produces ecological milk and also about 20 sheep for meatproduction. There is a dog stable with 20 boxes for dogs that stay there during schooldays and are used in practical lessons. The horsestable has about 14 school horses. And finally we have a small animal house with zoo animals like fish, tropical birds, reptiles and rodents, also some goats and minipigs.

The student can choose between four different exits:
Agriculture- farmworker or machine operator in farming
Horses - horse groom
Dogs - dogtrainer or working with police- and army dogs
Animal care - animal health care or zookeeper/pet shop worker






Besöksadress Gran 16 Öjebyn
Utdelningsadress Box 598 943 28 Öjebyn
Tel. 0911-696000 

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